RAY X Precision Print System

Extremely Flat Built to Last 

Introducing the all new RAY X Precision Print System by RONIK Inc.


RAY X 4080


Production machine with a small footprint, ideal for storefront applications, but has the production capaility to fit any high output application. Will print “on demand” all day without the need for head maintenance. A precision printer that is designed to last. Speeds up to 2,200 square feet per hour.


RAY X 5010

The larger table with enough production capacity for most print shops. Robust table design and extremely accurate motor and rail features make this the most accurate true flatbed machine available today. This machine is designed from start to finish to last more than a decade even in the most rigorous production requirements. Print “On Demand” precisely, all day. Speeds up to 2,400 square feet/hr

RAY X 5010 S2


The RAYX 5010 S2 is designed for large capacity jobs. Equipped with the auto unloader the operator can change sheets of media in under 10 seconds. This printer is designed for those large print shops that need real output capable of running all day at more than 60 sheets per hour (includes unloading and reloading time). The durable build of this printer makes cost of ownership the lowest in its class. Speeds exceed 3,000 square feet per hour.

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